Livermore Baptist Church
Saturday, January 25, 2020


          The town of Livermore was laid off in town lots in the year 1837.  Livermore was a river town and soon became known as an important stop on the Green River between Bowling Green and Evansville.  There was not sufficient religious interest to establish a Baptist Church in Livermore until the year 1885.  The Baptists who lived in the town prior to that time held membership with the Buck Creek and Woodwards Valley Churches.

          On May 22, 1885, Elders J. S. Coleman and William J. Stevens met with several interested men and women, and July 22, 1885, was set as the time to formally organize a church.  On the above date, Elders J. S. Coleman, D. K. J. Maddox, B. F. Swindler, and William J. Stevens organized a Baptist Church with twenty-six charter members.

          William Hillsman was the first clerk, and Dr. J. S. Coleman was the first pastor.  The Church met once a month in the old meeting house in Livermore.  The Church was received into the Association in August, 1885, and has remained a member in good standing to the present day.  The Church has been served by thirty-seven pastors, including Brother Clive Bell, the present pastor.

          Livermore Baptist Church has undergone several building projects over the years.  In October of 1891, the Church dedicated its first house of worship. This building served the membership well for about fifteen years, but when it became too dilapidated for use, a decision was made to replace it.  After several years of planning and construction, a new brick structure was dedicated on April 5, 1925.  This building, which has undergone several renovations over the years, is still in use today. The first parsonage was erected in 1907.  It was used by the pastor until 1951, when a new one was built adjacent to the Church. That building, which is also still in use, was remodeled in 1981.  In the fall of 2005, the Church began construction of a fellowship center, which was completed in January, 2008.

          The Church has maintained a Sunday school since her organization, and the labors of faithful men and women through the years have left an imperishable record for good in teaching the Word of God.  A Young People's organization was started as early as 1907, and similar programs continue today.  The people of Livermore Baptist Church have always been actively involved in missions.  Youth groups have made several mission trips to Eastern Kenttucky and Ohio.  The Women's Missionary Union and the Baptist Men have sponsored and led youngsters in Royal Ambassadors, Mission Friends, Acteens,and Girls in Action, with all groups also participating in local outreach projects.

          The members of Livermore Baptist Church strive to make their Church stand as a light to the community, and they make it their goal to see that all of Livermore might come to know Jesus.

 Based on Mr. Wendell Rone's account of the history of Livermore Baptist Church in his book, A History of the Daviess=McLean Baptist Association in Kentucky.